International students still plan to study in Germany – Survey

A survey by Fintiba showed that despite the uncertainty of the study plan due to temporary travel restrictions, three-quarters of prospective students who wish to study in Germany from abroad stated that they are “still very likely” to return.


Students are “optimistic and confident about the future”


The survey was conducted from April 22 to May 12 and asked 350 students from 66 countries/regions about Germany’s future study plans.These include students who want to study in the summer semester of March 2020/April 2020, and students who cannot travel like this semester starting this fall.”When students choose a country to study abroad, safety is regarded as one of the most important factors”. 82% said their plan was affected by Covid-19, while 73% of students said they were likely to come to Germany, while 68% of students wanted to come to Germany “as soon as possible.”


Almost one-third of students (30%) stated that it was difficult for them to obtain a visa because the German Embassy did not issue a visa at the time. About 11% said they postponed the entrance exam. It added that only 5% of potential students plan to cancel their study plans in Germany due to the Covid-19 pandemic, or are cancelling travel and are now studying online.


It is not clear when the country will open international entry, and the government plans to extend the travel ban on German nationals to non-European countries until August 31.


Jonas Marggraf, Managing Director of Fintiba, said that in addition, since Germany ranks first among international students from non-English speaking countries, interest in Germany is increasing.

The company is also working hard to ensure that all students’ health insurance is properly activated, and Germany has provided interest-free loans to students and relaxed the APS assessment for Chinese students.

Marggraf pointed out: “Fintiba’s strategy has remained in place and has become the primary point of contact for supporting international students to travel to Germany.”


International students still plan to study in Germany – Survey

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