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Bespoke Counselling, Profiling & Coaching for your Ideal Career

Getting into school is for most of us routine, but what happens after that? You might be confronted with questions like

  • What career path should you follow?
  • What matches your personality and true potential?
  • What universities should you look at and where?
  • What does motivate you?
  • How well do you know yourself?
  • What are you truly made for?

In a typical career counselling session, our experts will sit down with you and navigate through these and more question intensively together with you. After these sessions, we present an explicit and bespoke plan that not only fits your needs but also one that is truly meant to bring out the best potential in you.

Remote, Online Counselling from Anywhere

Currently, MRKHZ is the only professional consultants that offer a holistic approach in offering Education and Career Counselling regardless from where you come, through Online Video Counselling Sessions. These conveniently planned sessions are taken by clients at three levels

  1. Education & Career Counselling for School Students (Information for Parents)
  2. Career Profiling & Counselling for University Undergraduates & Graduates
  3. Career Profiling & Coaching for Professionals in Mid or Start of their career

Career Counselling for School Students
You have just finished or are going to finish school. Hurray!!! The first step in your career has already been taken. Now let us get into finding answers to more serious questions like;

  • Should you directly enrol into a university or start an apprenticeship?
  • Should you take a gap year and see the world, or should you do a vocation program?
  • Should you consider doing an internship?
  • What do you all need to know or must do to get started right?

What does suit you and how to get to the right answer is what our experts will work on together with you. We analyse and identify your skills and keeping in mind your very own personal preferences. The final evaluation report is a roadmap for you to get started in the right direction. Should you wish you could also take our Advanced Counselling Support Package to keep Educational Mentorship for a whole year!
 Information for Parents
 Every parent would want the best for their child’s prospects and career. You would wish them to have a stable, well balanced and ideal life. Often an expert view right from the beginning will help you explore options that are well suited for your child’s academic and professional progress in life.
At MRKHZ it is exactly our job to do that for your child. With a comprehensive Education and Career Counselling Session, we provide you with a detailed report on your child’s

  • Personality traits and assessment
  • Attitude & Strengths
  • Areas of improvements
  • Personal Career Potential
  • Career Strategy/ Recommendations
  1. A bespoke report that contains recommendations for local as well as international university courses and apprenticeships
  2. Guidance on preparation for the supplementary course that is deemed fit in support for their personal development, academic goals and career progression. These can include but are not limited to language programs, Soft Skills Training, Job Application procedures, LinkedIn Profile Building, Scholarship Application. Internship Placements etc.
  3. Detailed overview entrance requirement including grades, or Test Scores (GRE, GMAT, SAT Scores) or University Assessment Information as well as costs.
  4. Guidance and counselling on the university application procedure.
  5. Recommendation and guidance on how to enter a certain profession
  6. A dedicated and experienced Career Counsellor, Coach and Mentor.

Career Profiling and Counselling for University Undergraduates & Graduates

You are now at university and have already passed a few semesters or about to finish your undergraduate degree? This is the time that one of these scenarios will describe what you might have started to think of:

  1. Is this degree program even right for me? How do I switch now? Is there something that suits me better? Should I continue or quit? What to do?
  2. I am about to finish my degree, so should I now pursue a Master’s program? Should I continue my Masters in the same field or should I completely switch? Which Masters program is right for me? How do I get there and how do I evaluate my options without regretting later?
  3. Should I start with a job? What are my possibilities and how do I start into a professional career the right way? What will suit me and where should I focus on without wasting years and efforts? Should I specialize in a new field? How do I get into the career of my dreams?

Our Career Counselling and Profiling Session will help you find answers to all these questions with a well laid out an in-depth strategy that matches your personality, true potential and your personal preferences. You will further have the chance to explore the benefits of a full coaching program or attend a group coaching session to improve your areas of weakness and bring out your true hidden potential.

Career Profiling and Coaching for Professionals in Mid or Start of their Career

Often, we find our self in the start or mid of our career and realize, ‘that is something I never was meant to do’ or ‘I wish I could switch into a more rewarding career’. Sometimes it is also that we just need to refine our personal and social competence to get along into the job to ensure we truly bring the best to the table.

Regardless of whatever your present state is, with a personal mentor and empowerment coach on your side, you will be certain to make a seamless transition into your dream career and achieve your professional goals.
Our Coaching program at this level is divided into three products;

This will include an Emotional Intelligence Profiling, Big 5 and Most Prominent HR Characteristics assessment, Your True Potential and Passion, your inherent traits and characteristic, your style of leadership, your motivation and what role matches your own potential.
This program is conducted by a European qualified Assessor and Coach where your level of personal and social competence are evaluated and competencies based on your top 3 goals are developed over a period between 3 months that can be extended to a max. of 6 months as per individual requirement. The coaching is offered remotely and in block sessions over the weekend or twice a week.
You just need someone who is an expert and, on your side, and whom you can rely on from time to time and where and when needed. Then you can book our professional Career Mentor for one-time counselling sessions. Each session is 60 minutes in duration and will focus on interactive communication between the Coach and the Participant. To ensure Mentoring is highly effective, we strongly recommend you to first complete the Career Profiling.

Career Counselling Session at a Glance

What does it look and what to expect during such sessions?

1. Initial Discovery and Diagnostics (2-4 weeks)

  • Personal Interview
  • Physiognomic Analysis
  • Personality & Cognitive Test
  • EQ Profiling
  • Communication
  • Personal Motivation

2.Personal Conversations (Over the entire Session)
You will be getting a various appointment and can also ask for one to create an atmosphere of trust that will enable the Counsellor to understand you better and is often clubbed with part of the diagnostic in block sessions

3.Test Evaluations and One 2 One Analysis (2 Sessions for 60 min each)
The Evaluation and finding will be run over with you by our Expert so you have an understanding of what is written in each report.

4.Result and Recommendation
This is your big day where your results will be revealed to you. You will walk through these results in the session with your Career Counsellor and Coach to set goals and next steps to achieve your big Career Dream.

5.Follow Up
Once you receive your results and report in the form of documentation, you will have a chance to go through actionable points in details. Expect a call from our expert within one week to check if where you require additional support.

The Guidance and Counselling sessions are just the tip of the iceberg and the first stepping stone in your dream career. We hold your hand throughout your educational and career journey and therefore you will be allowed complimentary attendance to career seminars, University Admission Deadlines, and questions related to career counselling sessions, job application and advertisement.

Important Note:
When you decide to get professional Career counselling & Coaching established, you would often first be asked to sign a document of confidentiality and privacy, code of ethics and trust that will ensure your data is treated securely and with the utmost confidentiality. If you are under 18, this document must be co-signed by your legal guardian. If you are over 18, please note that it is only you who can authorize us to share important and sensitive information even with your immediate relatives. Neither will we share any personal information nor would your counsellor be obliged to share your private information with anyone, unless solely requested by you. Since it is teamwork and consensually mutual service that you will enter therein, it will also make it clear and what you can expect from the counsellor and vice versa

About Your Coach- Jessi De Terra

Empowerment, Career & EQ Coach | Social & Personal Competence Trainer | Start-Up Mentor | Writer & Int. Speaker

Jessi is a certified professional Empowerment & Emotional Intelligence Coach as well as an Emotional Well Being Practitioner from Germany with a diverse professional experience over 12 years in the field of Education, Training, Mentoring and Corporate Marketing. She is also a member of the Association of Complementary Therapists. She was lastly active as the Head of Marketing & Communication for a globally active UK Based Professional Services Network where her role demanded here to interact with a diverse people’s portfolio. She has been recognized with prestigious awards in her diverse work including the Royal Sheikh Tahnoon Award held in Dubai in 2019.

She now runs her what she calls her Virtual Empowerment Lab Praxis on and as a professional Empowerment Coach. She brings a perfect and rare combination of professional competencies from the Education, Corporate and Coaching world making it easier for her to resonate with clients’ pain points, challenges and offering them practical and ready to execute proven solutions. She is also a consultant and mentor to various startups who constantly seek her advice from the Middle East and Europe.

Her specialization in coaching has been in 

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Career Profiling

  • Social & Personal Competence Coaching

  • Self-Empowerment

  • Mindfulness & Positive Thinking

  • Expression Therapy

  • Mental Wellbeing Counselling

  • Start-up Mentoring

Some situations her clients often face

  • You often stand in your way in achieving your goals no matter what phase of life you are in. You’d be surprised to know that your true potential is beyond and bigger than your perception.

  • Too many insecurities, fears and doubts freeze you at times in mental limbo from taking clear actions.

  • Lack of clarity distracts you from focusing on things that matter often affecting your relationships with others and importantly yourself.

Get your way to personal and professional growth on steroids!

Live life on your terms with her ‘tailormade’ Power Coaching Self Empowerment Program

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