About Us

Who We are

MRKHZ, also pronounced as “Markaz”, is adopted from Arabic Language meaning “Center”. The idea behind the company is to offer a ‘Center’ for higher education abroad, Immigration, Coaching and Conselling. MRKHZ is a group of highly motivated and dedicated professionals providing consultancy.

We help students and professionals alike in the private and social sectors to create the change they require the most. We have outstanding talents, combined with global expertise and local insights, to help turn your grand goals into reality. We are constantly evolving the way we work and how we respond to socio-economic challenges so that we can continue to provide our clients with measurable and sustainable results.

Our company is designed with a series of firm values, including a strong commitment to diversity, and has a positive impact on society through our work and business methods.

Our goal is to help individuals to achieve their ideals, play an active role in society, and maximise the success rate. This drives our commitment and humanity in every action.

Your Future Starts Here.